Monday, March 5, 2012

a journey that was

"Kisko dosh dein.....Safar ke talabgaar to hum hi they, fir bhi humsafar na mil sakey"

I started with a bag full of hope
with some sunshine and a longing to elope,
the day was just fine
everything seemed easy and sublime

The road was traversed and familiar
I believed I might achieve that I did never,
that breeze also played its part
nodded and promised never to depart

Breeze and me went together few miles
just to realize it wont be easy in a while,
there were roadblocks there were hurdles
and even the season brought some trouble

It all turned gloomy and grey
even the breeze decided to sway,
I was lying on the road bruised and battered
probably it ended before it started

The breeze must know
she will never be forgotten,
because she has been an eternal part
of a journey that was 


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