Wednesday, March 28, 2012

break free

To be honest I started with some negative dark thoughts in my head, I don't know when this character of Shiva (from Shiva - Triology) crept in and transformed the whole thought process. Amazingly I realized this only when I wrote the last line. Knowingly or unknowingly this has to be a tribute to the character of "Shiva" which has always been wild and free.

He started empty handed
without any burden without any inhibition
with some crazy dreams and a faded destination 

He was as wild as free
he ran through the mountains he ran through the trees
he ran like a unicorn with all that glee

he loved the sun he loved the rain
he loved the breeze as if he'll never have pain
he thought of a world where there is nothing to explain

he dreamt like a child
his dreams were crazy and wild
a trail of thoughts that could never be complied

he never knew what is hate
he never thought about his fate
he was a hurricane which was never to abate 

he belonged to everyone yet he was not taken
he was a majestic fountain that none could beckon
he was a rebellious soul which stood like a mountain

today when I stand beside this old banyan tree
I dream of a day which is purely carefree
a soul which can break the shackles and scream "Yes I am free" 

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Aadii said...

I understand how an idea subconsciously flows out while writing a poem :)

1CupChai said...

so true.....better we stick to this honesty! :)

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