Saturday, July 23, 2011

its just a dream

"I love dreams coz the ppl u love are close…the ppl u hate fall off cliffs & the ppl u want…u always get!"

This is one of those recent thoughts that is doing circles in my head. Initially a random one, but now I am feeling connected to it like anything. Of course it doesn't mean that I dream of people falling off cliffs. Its just that nice feeling that I am going through right now. a sweet dream of mine.....

Its just a dream that i am living
Its just a wish that i am having
Oh God if things turn real
it wont be less than a fable

I've never been so eager
i've worked like a beaver
i am getting some hint
it could be that glint

some fear is also there
a loss is what i cant bear
its true that luck matters
without which the heart might shatter

I know the reasons are few
lets hope i dont get subdue
come whatever may
i will try not to sway

I wish this dream never ends
i'll love the life that impends
a hope is just what i am having
Its just a dream that i am living



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