Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the aquarium

i was sitting in a diner, reminiscing
it was then i saw this aquarium full of fishes
some silver some golden some blue
and one with a face like a kazoo,

they were going up and down
i asked will they never drown
he replied they are fishes not you
they swim they eat and never feel blue

i felt happy for them
and exclaimed are they not phlegm
after all they live alone they swim alone
and flaunt a life as if a rhinestone

he said you are wrong, they are happy 
and every moment they sing a song
i asked what can i learn from them
he said just be happy and get rid of this mayhem

i was sitting in a diner, reminiscing
it was then i saw this aquarium full of fishes

Saturday, July 23, 2011

its just a dream

"I love dreams coz the ppl u love are close…the ppl u hate fall off cliffs & the ppl u want…u always get!"

This is one of those recent thoughts that is doing circles in my head. Initially a random one, but now I am feeling connected to it like anything. Of course it doesn't mean that I dream of people falling off cliffs. Its just that nice feeling that I am going through right now. a sweet dream of mine.....

Its just a dream that i am living
Its just a wish that i am having
Oh God if things turn real
it wont be less than a fable

I've never been so eager
i've worked like a beaver
i am getting some hint
it could be that glint

some fear is also there
a loss is what i cant bear
its true that luck matters
without which the heart might shatter

I know the reasons are few
lets hope i dont get subdue
come whatever may
i will try not to sway

I wish this dream never ends
i'll love the life that impends
a hope is just what i am having
Its just a dream that i am living


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shit happens (*with due respect)

hehehe...and then this came my way......

no disrespect to the feelings and the effort behind this song. I loved it actually!
But then... immediately i turned realistic and realized all these dont hold much sense in my life. Been through it...hehe!! more of a vicious circle for me now !

Its better turn my attention to twitter!! :D

Monday, July 18, 2011

humney socha

humney socha hum hi tanhaa the yahan
humney socha dard sirf hum hi ko hai yahan,
fir ek din unka gum jaana, thoda hassey, 
fir yahi maana, shayad har koi akela hai yahan

humney socha saathi ban jaayen unkey
thoda saath nibhaaye unka,
shayad kam ho jaaye
thoda dard humaara thoda unka

lekin aisa bhi kuch ho na saka
khaamosh wo bhi rahe aur hum bhi
shayad nazron ne bhi kuch gum hakla na kiya
fir socha, rehne do janney do

shayad har koi akela hai yahan

Friday, July 15, 2011

kut kut

Mere gaaon ke ek ped ki 
ek daal pe ek gilheri rehti hai,
jisko meri behna, badey pyaar se 
kut kut raani kehti hai,

Roz subah saveere jaatey school
wo usko mungfali ke daaney deti hai,
jab chaoo se wo unko khaati aur kutarti hai
wo cheez mujhko sabse zyaada tasalli deti hai,

Gilheri hai natkhat to hogi hi
kabhi ek daal to kabhi dooji,
inhi ke beech fudakti rehti hai
mere gaaon ke ek ped ki 
ek daal pe ek gilheri rehti hai

Choti hai natkhat bhi
par parishram khoob karti hai,
lagta hai swabhimaani bhi hai
isiliye, daaney na do to khushi khushi
doojey ped jaakey apna pet bharti hai,

Hamari tarah do dost iski bhi hain
shayad unkey saath hi rehti hai,
wo bhi kam shaitaan nahi,
jo khurafaat issey akele na ho
usmey iska poora saath detin hain,

Darta hoon paas jaaney mein
jab bhi ye athkheli karti hai,
kahin darr na jaaye, kahin sehem na jaaye
bas paas rahe yahi tamanna meri rehti hai,

Mere gaaon ke Ek ped ki 
Ek daal pe Ek gilheri rehti hai

Image Courtesy : Kartik Jasti

PS: for one of my better friend! :-)