Sunday, May 15, 2011

banegi apni baat !!! :))

we are Indian 'men'.......this statement itself sums-up for a whole lot of things!!

Just for the sake of my convenience from now on i'll call this highly abundant specie as "x-men".

So here we go....... | have you ever wondered how the x-men survived so many ages in such harsh & exhausting conditions of India? The mantra was simple...they are a thinking specie, every moment they think, they think hard, they think day-in & day-out, they think at home & at office, they think in park, in movie, train or flight whenever they are not talking they are thinking. They think really hard, because they only think bout the three letter word that end in an "x".

You cant blame them actually !! Our per capita income compliments our sex ratio. That's adding insult to injury for you. Abb kya karega bechara gareeb they say "you can stop a man but not his thought process"! Wahi karta rehta hai ye.....thinking n thinking n thinking !! :))

This doesn't pose a threat until he is in India, but the problem arises when the x-man migrate to some firang(foreign) country. Away from home, girlfriend, wife, kaam-waali, office-waali, saamney-waali, dost ki girl friend etc etc.

A total miss match we see in such be frank i'm also experiencing the same. Currently in some scandinavian country me and my gang has seen the world turning upside down. Well......I dont intend to discuss the rightness or the wrongness(or whatever you call it) of what we x-men think & want when we step out of India, but only the hilarious moments that come while we go for the so-called "hunting drives".

Every member of my group whether a baccha-buddha-aur-jawaan is looking to get some hands-on experience here. Well....I'll keep my intentions undisclosed, but more or less I'm kinda uninterested in all this stuff. The x-men have tried every trick in their bag, tried to extract info from each and every person who starts talking with them, drooled over course colleague, receptionists, cafeteria attendants and bar tenders, went to pubs, discotheques and what not.

On most occasions the tries were hilariously unsuccessful and of course some time even more embarrassing. I remember how a local indian restaurant owner with indian origin was approached, after initial denial he gave them cell no of a local s**t. I remember how she was contacted and how the bargaining in Indian style was done.....only to end the campaign with a bag full of abuses. Some even tried to utilize the weekend, went to pub uselessly danced there waited for some miracle and then came empty handed.

Well I think.....I can consume lot of space in describing each and every details but that will not be ethical, more importantly not feasible grammatically. Kuch bhi ho chick miley ya na miley I'am enjoying this trip a lot. And I guess that should be the will follow !!


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