Tuesday, May 10, 2011

den norske erfaring : dag 2

the day 2 belonged to super hard coffee, vintage australian red wine, campus life, wi-fi, skate boards and cabbage with mayonnaise !

this days was probably the first day after april '07 when i experienced the true campus life. here i'm not counting my time spent at the lil boring iit roorkee campus!

the day started with bus pickup for NTNU, it was not more than a 15 min ride across the Nidelva river. calling the views as utterly serene would be an understatement. Okay....when we arrived at the campus Prof. Oye welcomed and took us to the zone where our lectures would take place. few formalities were completed there.

the lecture started on time, the first few hours were quite interesting as anticipated. but with passing time my concentration shifted to other interesting species around us....i mean the chicks !! :))) I think the conductors of this course knew the nature of the topic, that's why 2 coffee sessions were arranged in between. I tell you those were not just "coffee sessions" rather "super duper strong coffee session". and the day ended with a small get together where we had the legendary "vintage oz red wine".

And of course the day ended at Jadab restaurant!

Lot of things i've skipped there...only because its 7 in the morning in I NEED TO RUSH NOW !!   


rupjyoti said...

masti kar rahe ho sirji........

1CupChai said...

hahaha!!! shukriya chotey!! teri gangtok pics dekhi....super awesome !!

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