Monday, May 9, 2011

den norske erfaring : dag 1

so finally i can smell the norwegian air!! and it smells faaaaarr better than my new deo!

touch down was around 10:30 am local time and the landing was nothing less than a hollywood gimmick. mr captain took more than 10 mins to get a clear passage through the runway, and when he succeeded i was equally amused by the locale of the tarmac. just where the runway started, it preceded by a huge lake ! as the chota KLM plane approached the runway it was not clear whether we are about to land on land or in water !!! wild imaginations soon took a back seat as we safely landed on the "land of midnight sun" much to my delight! :)

searching commuting was much easier than searching exchange counters, as expected! Trodheim city is roughly 30kms from the airport. we took a bus from airport thanx to few locals! this 30 min journey was one of my most picturesque journey, our bus zapped through tunnels, danced around the sharp turns and cruised along the smooth was just awesome!! apart from this the passenger next to me multiplied my delights....she was a brunet probably of sub-continental origin, wearing pink top with black pajamas, few bags and back packs she was carrying and had long eye lashes! I'm still missing the both the girl and the journey!

hotel formalities were little confusing and frustrating but ultimately all of us got, what we deserved ! then search for the most valuable thing after sex i.e food started. In this case as well we didnt struggled too much. all of us felt awesome to get an Indian restaurant in an alien place, where we were still trying to get adjust. But the "jadhab restaurant" seemed more like an arabian night lounge than an ethnic Indian reasturant to me. The food was unexpectedly good and even good was the hospitality of the "hoshiyarpuriya" owner and two of his goons - one kashmiri and other persian.

 after all food and **** hunting, it was time for a stroll down the lane. all of us were too tired to walk more than a mile around the hotel. even in this short radius trondheim offered quite a few serene pictures.

the official schedule starts tomorrow...lets see what this place has to offer!

this concludes the day 1 !


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