Friday, May 6, 2011

day before... this is the day before my latitude & longitude changes substantially when compared to what they have in my entire life.

Its been a hectic day...starting with a sleepy 5:30, then an unwanted early morning walk in plant, then the conked 2 hrs of mcc, then the rush to pmo, then listening what HR has to say, followed by long wait for the COO, meeting and listening the big guy, then completing chutiya formalities, shunting between mcc3 and pmo, collecting left overs of the shift, coming back to room, going blah-blah aka full-on bakar on fb, then ipl4, few fone calls, lil bit of packing and then finally jotting down all these events like a baniya! :-)

this chronology seems to be a routine drill.....i tell u its no where near to it! at mid night i feel so fucked up when i kal subah bhi 'A' mein jaana padega!! feeling....sort of cheated today!

the only consolidation being my journey...that begins tomorrow evening!! its actually a "yayyyyy moment" for me. Most of us after being so much skeptical about this trip would be feeling immensely happy by realizing the program actually getting materialized !!

same goes with me, and even more  with my parents...who are over joyed to see their son going overseas! though i don't feel a similar kinda excitement for some weird unknown reason. There have been numerous fone calls from parents regarding the dos n donts, what to take, what not to take, what to eat what not to eat etc. etc. or in other words repeated reminders of the 'points to remember' !!!

olrite enough said and show time now! :))

Lets thingd shape up !!

Hallo Norge, jeg'am kommer !!


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