Tuesday, April 19, 2011

weather god, whether every thing's okay ??

the last time i thought about this, was in january or february this year....anyone could have easily ignored the question/situation that time. it was last of the so-called winters here....the days were okay, evenings cooler...but some kind of a lull was present which i was not appreciating at all. 
and then suddenly today i asked myself....did i enjoyed the spring this year??? a voice came from within.....abey paagal iss saal ka kya poochta hai....ye bata pichle 10 saal mein spring enjoy kiya hai kya?? and i actually replied without giving any thought......NO....nahin yaar, sahi bola tu!! 

this left me pondering....is every thing okay with our weather? aaaaa....ummmmmm.......certainly not !!

a decade back when i was in school the period of feb-march-some part of april brought a typical coolness and calmness, which everyone knew was there but never talked about it! a certain buzz existed in the air that kept everyone afloat....!! i too had a world with an easy slowness and freshness away from commotion as if everything has fallen perfectly in their right places..! the aroma of the eucalyptus trees felt so good of course if you didnt had some nasal allergies to their pollen grains. all in all that part of the year was my second favorite after the crazy festival months of oct-nov!

and today we are left with 8 months of summer, 2 months of rain and 2 months of so-called winters. where have the springs gone??? i feel cheated "Weather God" something is wrong with your calender, plz get it right! 


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