Sunday, April 24, 2011

teen prakaar ki janta!

Big B in some movie had a dialogue "iss duniya mein do tarah ke log rehtey hain" I now wish to re-frame that to "iss duniya mein teen tarah ke log rehtey hain" viz.,
  • Smokers
  • Non-Smokers
  • Jerks who time and again claim they are about to quit smoking.
Well I dont think there is any need to discuss the first two types, both categories have been discussed and debated inside out at least a million times. Lets give a thought to the third one. Any names of your close ones popping up in ur mind?? who recently said "bas aaj last cigarette hai, kal se chod donga pukka"!! Hahaha....believe me the people registered in the first category are equally active in the third one some or the other day in their lives! These people are often hit by the lightening of a "desire to quit smoking".   
Whenever such phenomenon occurs these mortals suddenly feel enlightened and start making hasty promises to everyone for  quitting smoking. As if the people around them really care about them and will follow each & every move of their's. Yaar.....these are such a hippocratic claims that at least I cant stand them. On most occasions these self proclaimed quitters end up short on their will power. And start puffing here and there and of course they dont buy ciggies on this occasion, just to make sure their ego doesn't get hurt.
Arrey bhaiyaa I dont understand whats the point in declaring that you wish to quit smoking, when you are pretty clear that eventually u'll end up puffing.
This is not all......not keeping your promise is one thing and rejoicing in the failure of which is another!! The same thing can be observed here, not only the so-called resolutions but their failures are also equally cheered by the "smoking fraternity". This remains beyond my understanding.

My message : "arrey bhai log cigarette choddna hai choddo, but baaki janta ka time khoti matt karo".


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