Saturday, April 30, 2011

Social Konnection

hey are you on facebook?
whats your twitter handle?
online hai kya?
do you have a blog.....chal na url bata?

familiar with these queries? must be!! and in case u r nottttt.....why are you even alive mate??

The social networking revolution has totally overshadowed the IPL juggernaut!! Hahaha.....okay okay I know we can’t compare the two.....but then I can’t find a better option as well! Or else put it this way...I am “miserable” at creating analogies!

The popularity and the ominous nature of social networking (the cyber way) is a well-known fact. Over the years numerous websites came promising to bridge the gaps between friends, bringing out-of-touch friend and relatives closer, making new friends…… a nutshell making this small world even smaller. True were they, lot of sites like facebook, twitter, orkut and what not have actually succeeded in doing more than their claims!

The world today is definitely a tiny village; every one of us is connected to each other through facebook, twitter, orkut etc..! Few of the players are so titanic in nature that I even doubt few years down the line the site like facebook might become a replacement for national identification nos. Ehh…..another farcical comparison there?? Naah…I don’t think so! You might actually find me right, say…..10 years from now!!

But guys……..with all this hype and hoopla I’m still skeptical about few aspects of these connecting tools. Is this is what we were asking for? Or we are just absorbing whatever is being offered to us? And the most important of all……."are we really coming closer??"

Today updating your facebook status carries much more urgency than giving a call to some of your cousins/friends whom you have not talked since ages. Tweeting seems more important than giving a nod to your mom…that the kheer she made tastes awesome. Liking photo albums of boys/girls seems more interesting than complementing what your sis is wearing. Sharing crap english songs seems more compelling than appreciating what your rommie is singing for the last 10 mins or so. Being strung out on these sites to come closer is way different from being actually close to your dear ones.

Some may agree and some may not, but these are merely realisations that I made while being hooked 24X7 to these very sites! 

Not to mention I hate this virtual reality like hell !!


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