Saturday, April 23, 2011

the good the bad and the beech ka bandar !!

Does moral correctness has any thing to do with he real life? or it just suits the neatly printed pages of books and life journals in our libraries? I really don't know how many of us have pondered upon this but for me this is one thing, without thinking of which my thoughts just don't go forward. Mind you i'm not trying to boast any trait of mine by saying that. Its just one aspect of my thought process, of which i'm really fed-up of!! We cant really give points to the things we do, the decisions we make, the road we 1's and 0's or for that matter adjudging them as the "right way" or the "wrong way"....morally, don't we??
This is practically just not feasible. But even after this realization I often find my self in a nagging situation, choosing between two roads! This can easily be linked to my decision making capabilities. Bit I wish to think otherwise, this thing is little different. Imagine a situation where you can easily choose one way out of two. But along with that you also know that the way you wish to choose is not advised morally/ethics-wise. As you don't have any other option you lamely go with that choice. 
I'am no different, I can remember a hell lot of manipulations in my decisions. Its like proudly flaunting your values and ethics over the not-so important decisions/situations of life. But 'when the stakes are high' I(we) tend to duck away and just show a 'to hell with it' attitude. These double standards sometimes disturb me a lot, but then you have to go with them. Thats life probably!


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