Sunday, October 9, 2011


suraj ki laalima ho tum
pehli kiran ki grishma ho tum,
nai subah ka pehla anubhav ho tum
chanchal ho, meri pyaari arunima ho tum

aasha ka ek roop ho tum
aatmvishwaas ki sunheri dhoop ho tum,
ek choti si kavita ho tum
sheetal ho, meri pyaari arunima ho tum

nitya subah jagati ho
sapno mein nahin roz jeevan mein aati ho,
bhavishya aur vartmaan ho tum
nirmal ho, meri pyaari arunima ho tum

Thursday, August 25, 2011

khoya khoya chaand

sapney to sab dekhtey hain
maine bhi dekh liya ek,
na kuch socha na samjha
jaagti aankhon ne dekh liya ek

laga aakash ko choo loonga
hawa se batiyaa loonga,
lekin wehem thaa sab, abb to bas
bikhrey pannon ko chunn loonga

sapney tootey hain aur dil bhi
lekin aaj bhi kal pe aas hai,
ye nahin toh kuch aur sahi
ek aur sapna mere paas hai

dil hi to toota hai hauslaa nahin
sapna hi to toota hai soch nahin,
ek aur sapna dekhonga
ek aur panna bharonga

umeed to aaj bhi hai 
ki shayad kal haqeeqat maaneygi,
pura nahin to thoda sahi 
aakash mujhko bhi wo baategi

abb to bas kal ka intezaar hai
mann aaj bhi uss udaan ke liye taiyaar hai
ye sapna hi to hai, sapney to sab dekhtey hain
maine bhi dekh liya ek

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the aquarium

i was sitting in a diner, reminiscing
it was then i saw this aquarium full of fishes
some silver some golden some blue
and one with a face like a kazoo,

they were going up and down
i asked will they never drown
he replied they are fishes not you
they swim they eat and never feel blue

i felt happy for them
and exclaimed are they not phlegm
after all they live alone they swim alone
and flaunt a life as if a rhinestone

he said you are wrong, they are happy 
and every moment they sing a song
i asked what can i learn from them
he said just be happy and get rid of this mayhem

i was sitting in a diner, reminiscing
it was then i saw this aquarium full of fishes

Saturday, July 23, 2011

its just a dream

"I love dreams coz the ppl u love are close…the ppl u hate fall off cliffs & the ppl u want…u always get!"

This is one of those recent thoughts that is doing circles in my head. Initially a random one, but now I am feeling connected to it like anything. Of course it doesn't mean that I dream of people falling off cliffs. Its just that nice feeling that I am going through right now. a sweet dream of mine.....

Its just a dream that i am living
Its just a wish that i am having
Oh God if things turn real
it wont be less than a fable

I've never been so eager
i've worked like a beaver
i am getting some hint
it could be that glint

some fear is also there
a loss is what i cant bear
its true that luck matters
without which the heart might shatter

I know the reasons are few
lets hope i dont get subdue
come whatever may
i will try not to sway

I wish this dream never ends
i'll love the life that impends
a hope is just what i am having
Its just a dream that i am living


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shit happens (*with due respect)

hehehe...and then this came my way......

no disrespect to the feelings and the effort behind this song. I loved it actually!
But then... immediately i turned realistic and realized all these dont hold much sense in my life. Been through it...hehe!! more of a vicious circle for me now !

Its better turn my attention to twitter!! :D

Monday, July 18, 2011

humney socha

humney socha hum hi tanhaa the yahan
humney socha dard sirf hum hi ko hai yahan,
fir ek din unka gum jaana, thoda hassey, 
fir yahi maana, shayad har koi akela hai yahan

humney socha saathi ban jaayen unkey
thoda saath nibhaaye unka,
shayad kam ho jaaye
thoda dard humaara thoda unka

lekin aisa bhi kuch ho na saka
khaamosh wo bhi rahe aur hum bhi
shayad nazron ne bhi kuch gum hakla na kiya
fir socha, rehne do janney do

shayad har koi akela hai yahan

Friday, July 15, 2011

kut kut

Mere gaaon ke ek ped ki 
ek daal pe ek gilheri rehti hai,
jisko meri behna, badey pyaar se 
kut kut raani kehti hai,

Roz subah saveere jaatey school
wo usko mungfali ke daaney deti hai,
jab chaoo se wo unko khaati aur kutarti hai
wo cheez mujhko sabse zyaada tasalli deti hai,

Gilheri hai natkhat to hogi hi
kabhi ek daal to kabhi dooji,
inhi ke beech fudakti rehti hai
mere gaaon ke ek ped ki 
ek daal pe ek gilheri rehti hai

Choti hai natkhat bhi
par parishram khoob karti hai,
lagta hai swabhimaani bhi hai
isiliye, daaney na do to khushi khushi
doojey ped jaakey apna pet bharti hai,

Hamari tarah do dost iski bhi hain
shayad unkey saath hi rehti hai,
wo bhi kam shaitaan nahi,
jo khurafaat issey akele na ho
usmey iska poora saath detin hain,

Darta hoon paas jaaney mein
jab bhi ye athkheli karti hai,
kahin darr na jaaye, kahin sehem na jaaye
bas paas rahe yahi tamanna meri rehti hai,

Mere gaaon ke Ek ped ki 
Ek daal pe Ek gilheri rehti hai

Image Courtesy : Kartik Jasti

PS: for one of my better friend! :-)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


मैं कुछ कुछ भूलता जाता हूँ अब तुझको
तेरा चेहरा भी धुन्द्लाने लगा है अब तखैयुल 

बदलने लग गया है अब वोह सुबह शाम का मामूल
जिसमे तुझसे मिलने का भी एक मामूल शामिल था

तेरे ख़त आते रहते थे 
तो मुझको याद रहते थे तेरे आवाज़ के सुर भी

तेरे आवाज़ को कागज़ पे रखके 
मैंने चाह था के पिन करलूं 
वोह जैसे तितलियों के पर लगा लेता है कोई अपनी एल्बम में

तेरा "बे" को दवाके बात करना
"वाह" पे होठों का छल्ला गोल होके घूम जाता था

बहुत दिन हो गए देखा नहीं
न ख़त मिला कोई
बहुत दिन हो गए
तेरी आवाज़ की बौछार में भीगा नहीं हूँ मैं

मैं कुछ कुछ भूलता जाता हूँ अब तुझको तेरा   
चेहरा भी धुन्द्लाने लगा है अब ताखायुल में

बदलने लग गया है अब वोह सुबह शाम का मामूल 
जिसमे तुझसे मिलने का भी एक मामूल शामिल था 

I donno why I'am posting this! truly no reason behind ! just loved the piece of poetry and probably that's why its here. 

मामूल  - Routine
तखैयुल  - Visualise
Poet : Gulzar
Story : Lovedale
Movie : Dus Kahaniyaan

banegi apni baat !!! :))

we are Indian 'men'.......this statement itself sums-up for a whole lot of things!!

Just for the sake of my convenience from now on i'll call this highly abundant specie as "x-men".

So here we go....... | have you ever wondered how the x-men survived so many ages in such harsh & exhausting conditions of India? The mantra was simple...they are a thinking specie, every moment they think, they think hard, they think day-in & day-out, they think at home & at office, they think in park, in movie, train or flight whenever they are not talking they are thinking. They think really hard, because they only think bout the three letter word that end in an "x".

You cant blame them actually !! Our per capita income compliments our sex ratio. That's adding insult to injury for you. Abb kya karega bechara gareeb they say "you can stop a man but not his thought process"! Wahi karta rehta hai ye.....thinking n thinking n thinking !! :))

This doesn't pose a threat until he is in India, but the problem arises when the x-man migrate to some firang(foreign) country. Away from home, girlfriend, wife, kaam-waali, office-waali, saamney-waali, dost ki girl friend etc etc.

A total miss match we see in such be frank i'm also experiencing the same. Currently in some scandinavian country me and my gang has seen the world turning upside down. Well......I dont intend to discuss the rightness or the wrongness(or whatever you call it) of what we x-men think & want when we step out of India, but only the hilarious moments that come while we go for the so-called "hunting drives".

Every member of my group whether a baccha-buddha-aur-jawaan is looking to get some hands-on experience here. Well....I'll keep my intentions undisclosed, but more or less I'm kinda uninterested in all this stuff. The x-men have tried every trick in their bag, tried to extract info from each and every person who starts talking with them, drooled over course colleague, receptionists, cafeteria attendants and bar tenders, went to pubs, discotheques and what not.

On most occasions the tries were hilariously unsuccessful and of course some time even more embarrassing. I remember how a local indian restaurant owner with indian origin was approached, after initial denial he gave them cell no of a local s**t. I remember how she was contacted and how the bargaining in Indian style was done.....only to end the campaign with a bag full of abuses. Some even tried to utilize the weekend, went to pub uselessly danced there waited for some miracle and then came empty handed.

Well I think.....I can consume lot of space in describing each and every details but that will not be ethical, more importantly not feasible grammatically. Kuch bhi ho chick miley ya na miley I'am enjoying this trip a lot. And I guess that should be the will follow !!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

den norske erfaring : dag 2

the day 2 belonged to super hard coffee, vintage australian red wine, campus life, wi-fi, skate boards and cabbage with mayonnaise !

this days was probably the first day after april '07 when i experienced the true campus life. here i'm not counting my time spent at the lil boring iit roorkee campus!

the day started with bus pickup for NTNU, it was not more than a 15 min ride across the Nidelva river. calling the views as utterly serene would be an understatement. Okay....when we arrived at the campus Prof. Oye welcomed and took us to the zone where our lectures would take place. few formalities were completed there.

the lecture started on time, the first few hours were quite interesting as anticipated. but with passing time my concentration shifted to other interesting species around us....i mean the chicks !! :))) I think the conductors of this course knew the nature of the topic, that's why 2 coffee sessions were arranged in between. I tell you those were not just "coffee sessions" rather "super duper strong coffee session". and the day ended with a small get together where we had the legendary "vintage oz red wine".

And of course the day ended at Jadab restaurant!

Lot of things i've skipped there...only because its 7 in the morning in I NEED TO RUSH NOW !!   

Monday, May 9, 2011

den norske erfaring : dag 1

so finally i can smell the norwegian air!! and it smells faaaaarr better than my new deo!

touch down was around 10:30 am local time and the landing was nothing less than a hollywood gimmick. mr captain took more than 10 mins to get a clear passage through the runway, and when he succeeded i was equally amused by the locale of the tarmac. just where the runway started, it preceded by a huge lake ! as the chota KLM plane approached the runway it was not clear whether we are about to land on land or in water !!! wild imaginations soon took a back seat as we safely landed on the "land of midnight sun" much to my delight! :)

searching commuting was much easier than searching exchange counters, as expected! Trodheim city is roughly 30kms from the airport. we took a bus from airport thanx to few locals! this 30 min journey was one of my most picturesque journey, our bus zapped through tunnels, danced around the sharp turns and cruised along the smooth was just awesome!! apart from this the passenger next to me multiplied my delights....she was a brunet probably of sub-continental origin, wearing pink top with black pajamas, few bags and back packs she was carrying and had long eye lashes! I'm still missing the both the girl and the journey!

hotel formalities were little confusing and frustrating but ultimately all of us got, what we deserved ! then search for the most valuable thing after sex i.e food started. In this case as well we didnt struggled too much. all of us felt awesome to get an Indian restaurant in an alien place, where we were still trying to get adjust. But the "jadhab restaurant" seemed more like an arabian night lounge than an ethnic Indian reasturant to me. The food was unexpectedly good and even good was the hospitality of the "hoshiyarpuriya" owner and two of his goons - one kashmiri and other persian.

 after all food and **** hunting, it was time for a stroll down the lane. all of us were too tired to walk more than a mile around the hotel. even in this short radius trondheim offered quite a few serene pictures.

the official schedule starts tomorrow...lets see what this place has to offer!

this concludes the day 1 !

Friday, May 6, 2011

day before... this is the day before my latitude & longitude changes substantially when compared to what they have in my entire life.

Its been a hectic day...starting with a sleepy 5:30, then an unwanted early morning walk in plant, then the conked 2 hrs of mcc, then the rush to pmo, then listening what HR has to say, followed by long wait for the COO, meeting and listening the big guy, then completing chutiya formalities, shunting between mcc3 and pmo, collecting left overs of the shift, coming back to room, going blah-blah aka full-on bakar on fb, then ipl4, few fone calls, lil bit of packing and then finally jotting down all these events like a baniya! :-)

this chronology seems to be a routine drill.....i tell u its no where near to it! at mid night i feel so fucked up when i kal subah bhi 'A' mein jaana padega!! feeling....sort of cheated today!

the only consolidation being my journey...that begins tomorrow evening!! its actually a "yayyyyy moment" for me. Most of us after being so much skeptical about this trip would be feeling immensely happy by realizing the program actually getting materialized !!

same goes with me, and even more  with my parents...who are over joyed to see their son going overseas! though i don't feel a similar kinda excitement for some weird unknown reason. There have been numerous fone calls from parents regarding the dos n donts, what to take, what not to take, what to eat what not to eat etc. etc. or in other words repeated reminders of the 'points to remember' !!!

olrite enough said and show time now! :))

Lets thingd shape up !!

Hallo Norge, jeg'am kommer !!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

बावरा ये मेरा मन!!

बावरा ये मेरा मन !!
इसे समझना इसे जानना कितना कठिन है!! 
अक्सर ये बादलों में चेहहरे तलाशता है, 
जो चाहे वोह न दिखे, तो बच्चे की तरह उदास हो जाता है !!
जितना टोको जितना रोको अपनी ही करता है,
जितना इसके पीछे भागो,
ये उतना ही हाथ से फ़िसलता है !!
सही में पागल है ये मन !
अरे बच्चा है बच्चा, बावरा ये मेरा मन !!

लेकिन मत भूलो,
ये वही है जो अनजाने में ख़ुशी से मिलवाता है,
ना चाहते हुए भी, हमसे बोहोत कुछ करवाता है !
हम भी तो नादान है जो इसकी बातों में आजाते हैं,
भूल कर परिणाम, इसकी धुनन में लग जाते हैं !
या योँ कहो, बच्चे के साथ हम भी बच्चे बन जाते है!
अरे बच्चा है बच्चा, बावरा ये मेरा मन !!

कभी आकाश सा शांत, तो कभी पानी सा चंचल लगता है,
बावरा है पर सच्चा साथी है, हमेशा साथ रहता है!
कैसी भी मुश्किल हो, सहायता करना नहीं भूलता,
सही हो या गलत हर प्रकार की राय देता है,
सही में पागल है ये मन !
अरे बच्चा है बच्चा, बावरा ये मेरा मन !!

सच बोलूँ  तो अभी दिमाग में कुछ था ही नई लिखने को....लेकिन कहते है न...आपको inspiration कब, कहाँ, किस्से मिल जाए ये कोई नहीं बता सकता! आज सुबह ऐसे ही कुछ दिमाग में आया तो लिख दिया ! आज जितने random मेरे विचार थे उतना ही random इन विचारों का कारण था ....एक अनजानी व्यक्ति!! जिससे कभी न मिला, ना बात करी और ना ही जिसके बारे में ज़यादा कुछ जानता हूँ | लेकिन इनका blog and flicker page देखने के बाद शब्द अपने आप ही दिमाग में आते गए!! This was totally inspired by you baavri !!!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Social Konnection

hey are you on facebook?
whats your twitter handle?
online hai kya?
do you have a blog.....chal na url bata?

familiar with these queries? must be!! and in case u r nottttt.....why are you even alive mate??

The social networking revolution has totally overshadowed the IPL juggernaut!! Hahaha.....okay okay I know we can’t compare the two.....but then I can’t find a better option as well! Or else put it this way...I am “miserable” at creating analogies!

The popularity and the ominous nature of social networking (the cyber way) is a well-known fact. Over the years numerous websites came promising to bridge the gaps between friends, bringing out-of-touch friend and relatives closer, making new friends…… a nutshell making this small world even smaller. True were they, lot of sites like facebook, twitter, orkut and what not have actually succeeded in doing more than their claims!

The world today is definitely a tiny village; every one of us is connected to each other through facebook, twitter, orkut etc..! Few of the players are so titanic in nature that I even doubt few years down the line the site like facebook might become a replacement for national identification nos. Ehh…..another farcical comparison there?? Naah…I don’t think so! You might actually find me right, say…..10 years from now!!

But guys……..with all this hype and hoopla I’m still skeptical about few aspects of these connecting tools. Is this is what we were asking for? Or we are just absorbing whatever is being offered to us? And the most important of all……."are we really coming closer??"

Today updating your facebook status carries much more urgency than giving a call to some of your cousins/friends whom you have not talked since ages. Tweeting seems more important than giving a nod to your mom…that the kheer she made tastes awesome. Liking photo albums of boys/girls seems more interesting than complementing what your sis is wearing. Sharing crap english songs seems more compelling than appreciating what your rommie is singing for the last 10 mins or so. Being strung out on these sites to come closer is way different from being actually close to your dear ones.

Some may agree and some may not, but these are merely realisations that I made while being hooked 24X7 to these very sites! 

Not to mention I hate this virtual reality like hell !!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

teen prakaar ki janta!

Big B in some movie had a dialogue "iss duniya mein do tarah ke log rehtey hain" I now wish to re-frame that to "iss duniya mein teen tarah ke log rehtey hain" viz.,
  • Smokers
  • Non-Smokers
  • Jerks who time and again claim they are about to quit smoking.
Well I dont think there is any need to discuss the first two types, both categories have been discussed and debated inside out at least a million times. Lets give a thought to the third one. Any names of your close ones popping up in ur mind?? who recently said "bas aaj last cigarette hai, kal se chod donga pukka"!! Hahaha....believe me the people registered in the first category are equally active in the third one some or the other day in their lives! These people are often hit by the lightening of a "desire to quit smoking".   
Whenever such phenomenon occurs these mortals suddenly feel enlightened and start making hasty promises to everyone for  quitting smoking. As if the people around them really care about them and will follow each & every move of their's. Yaar.....these are such a hippocratic claims that at least I cant stand them. On most occasions these self proclaimed quitters end up short on their will power. And start puffing here and there and of course they dont buy ciggies on this occasion, just to make sure their ego doesn't get hurt.
Arrey bhaiyaa I dont understand whats the point in declaring that you wish to quit smoking, when you are pretty clear that eventually u'll end up puffing.
This is not all......not keeping your promise is one thing and rejoicing in the failure of which is another!! The same thing can be observed here, not only the so-called resolutions but their failures are also equally cheered by the "smoking fraternity". This remains beyond my understanding.

My message : "arrey bhai log cigarette choddna hai choddo, but baaki janta ka time khoti matt karo".

Saturday, April 23, 2011

the good the bad and the beech ka bandar !!

Does moral correctness has any thing to do with he real life? or it just suits the neatly printed pages of books and life journals in our libraries? I really don't know how many of us have pondered upon this but for me this is one thing, without thinking of which my thoughts just don't go forward. Mind you i'm not trying to boast any trait of mine by saying that. Its just one aspect of my thought process, of which i'm really fed-up of!! We cant really give points to the things we do, the decisions we make, the road we 1's and 0's or for that matter adjudging them as the "right way" or the "wrong way"....morally, don't we??
This is practically just not feasible. But even after this realization I often find my self in a nagging situation, choosing between two roads! This can easily be linked to my decision making capabilities. Bit I wish to think otherwise, this thing is little different. Imagine a situation where you can easily choose one way out of two. But along with that you also know that the way you wish to choose is not advised morally/ethics-wise. As you don't have any other option you lamely go with that choice. 
I'am no different, I can remember a hell lot of manipulations in my decisions. Its like proudly flaunting your values and ethics over the not-so important decisions/situations of life. But 'when the stakes are high' I(we) tend to duck away and just show a 'to hell with it' attitude. These double standards sometimes disturb me a lot, but then you have to go with them. Thats life probably!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

weather god, whether every thing's okay ??

the last time i thought about this, was in january or february this year....anyone could have easily ignored the question/situation that time. it was last of the so-called winters here....the days were okay, evenings cooler...but some kind of a lull was present which i was not appreciating at all. 
and then suddenly today i asked myself....did i enjoyed the spring this year??? a voice came from within.....abey paagal iss saal ka kya poochta bata pichle 10 saal mein spring enjoy kiya hai kya?? and i actually replied without giving any thought......NO....nahin yaar, sahi bola tu!! 

this left me every thing okay with our weather? aaaaa....ummmmmm.......certainly not !!

a decade back when i was in school the period of feb-march-some part of april brought a typical coolness and calmness, which everyone knew was there but never talked about it! a certain buzz existed in the air that kept everyone afloat....!! i too had a world with an easy slowness and freshness away from commotion as if everything has fallen perfectly in their right places..! the aroma of the eucalyptus trees felt so good of course if you didnt had some nasal allergies to their pollen grains. all in all that part of the year was my second favorite after the crazy festival months of oct-nov!

and today we are left with 8 months of summer, 2 months of rain and 2 months of so-called winters. where have the springs gone??? i feel cheated "Weather God" something is wrong with your calender, plz get it right!