Friday, March 12, 2010

whats holding you back??

If any one is reading this might have realized by now, that things dont come out easily out of me! And mind you this is not only in reference to the frequency of my posts but also to one dreaded habit/nature that I posses since ages. One of my good friend even knowingly or unknowingly asked me to get rid of this particular habit while having the final good-bye 3 years back.

well I was talking about sharing......could be related to any thing like...sharing food, thoughts, friends, drinks, space so on and so forth. the lines written by someone over my t-shirt 'share kiya kar it would help' still flash in my mind. I never accepted to call this a handicap, but to be honest its nothing more than that! I believe this might not be entirely affected by selfishness, but to making choices as well. Although healthy discussions and disclosures on certain topics with peers is part of a rational thought process, but the equations can drastically change when you need to discuss about the person who is cheating upon you or vice-versa, about a situation in which you might have helped your friend or a situation in which you might have said no in place of a yes.

Speaking out definately helps but there is always an 'amour propre' factor associated to it, more so with men. Or atleast men like me. I have been the least blessed on this sharing thing or you may say, it was my choice. But for this to happen you need to have confident and reliable counterparts, I dont know whether parents or even best buddies can be helpful for certain matters of our lives. That might be the reason I termed non-sharing of thoughts as an handicap. Since the prerequisite for sharing would be honesty on your part, any lies in such cases are totally uncalled for.

Few people dont wish to share even a bit of their lives only because they feel they can handle all this or for that matter they need to handle on their own by default since they being a male, irrespective of the outcome of situation. The feeling of 'i need to finish this on my own' might some time lead you nowhere. I have been through this and certainly i am trying to change my self...


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