Tuesday, March 16, 2010

one lazy sunday.......!!

It all started with a breakfast that i wanted to finish a.s.a.p and get over it.

I was pretty tired after working overnight. I started to sleep as if gallons of alcohol was running through my veins. My eyes were barely open and was hardly conscious, even then my loyal ears were working efficiently and effectively. Many opinions and statements related to me started to drop into them. I need not mention whether i liked or disliked those but yes, once i had enough of them i just toppled over and discontinued with the feeds that i was receiving consciously or unconsciously. Adding insult to injury the power went away at 11 in the morning, inspite of the setback i was utterly confident that i would have a perfect sunday which later on didnt turned out to be.

In between all this dramatized sleep i even got the news that my LPG cylinder got exhausted just when my cook finished cooking what ever he was for the breakfast. And this means i had to plan what and how i would have in lunch without gas, without power and without a will to go outside in these hot oriya afternoons. I moved on and slept over thinking every thing would be alright when i woke up. But as i mentioned it earlier this was not a perfect sunday So when i woke up it was already 3 of the afternoon with the burning sun peeping right into my window over my face. All this felt like a 3rd degree torture that a captured POW receives for speaking-up few crucial intels. Where he is roped to a chair, drenched in water and the officers showing the bright head lamp right into his face.

As i gained consciousness i realized i was not alone in this stranded boat. One of my fellow room-mate was also lying there hoping for things to get better. We started to discuss about the possibilities of saving ourselves this afternoon. Quite amazingly both of us were very low on energy to change the course of things in our favor, or to be honest we didnt had that will power to make things happen for us. Some thing has to be done for the hunger as well so we started having peanuts with jaggery. Definitely this sounds frustrating than being awful. After having enough to resist the starvation at least for few hours we began to discuss about evening plans, dinner, normalcy etc.

Suddenly i had a look at my cell, its tough to realize that it was already 5:15 in the evening. And even tougher was to realize that at least half of the innings would have been over by that time and we still didnt had any signs of power coming back. I was thinking about the IPL match, i gained on some will and started to check the score on my phone. It was then i realized that my phone also had negligible battery remaining, just like my ipod and my laptop in a similar manner in which i was left with negligible patience to sustain the glory of this sunday.

In the mean time i realized my room mate started to catch on with some sleep, while i couldnt get over thinking about the plans of dinner later this evening or atleast having some samosa or jaleebi. It was almost 6 pm by then and it all started getting darker and murkier outside with no signs of power coming back. All this helped me think about the medieval beings, i started to think how those people lived without power, without phone, without ipod, without laptop and not to forget without LPG. Along with these thoughts i started to think about what to dress while going out. This may sound sick, but actually it isnt. Yesterday only i bought a new shirt and i thought going out might be the best way to flaunt this one. I had huge aspirations about it.

Then suddenly someone shouted "aagayi" then only i realised it was the electricity that came back, much to our delight. Both of us started doing our stuff, and for a moment we forgot that some plans were made for going outside. Once we gained our memories he went for taking shower and i started to catch up with the IPL match on TV. Once he got out of the bathroom i just jumped-in to continue what he was doing. I was quite excited about the new shirt thing, once i was done with the bath i pulled over things and was ready in a flash. And them came another blow of the day my roomie some how changed his mind and denied for having dinner out side. I was totally shattered. As another set of events were taking place parallel, my cook was able to arrange LPG cylinder from nowhere. And this turned out to be the final nail in the coffin. My friend just refused to go out, leaving me even more furious, more frustrated more dejected etc etc. After this i some how consoled my self and tried to bring temper in permissiable limits.

But the Child in me was not at all convinced with the events of the day. As a last shot i called my another good friend who was still in plant to ask him for dinner at 11 once he gets back from work. Much to my repite he answered with a friendly yes. It was like a big relief for me. I began to think that the worst sunday is over and started to enjoy the match between CSK and RC. It was a bore one sided kind of a match and so was my day so far. Then at 11:05 my phone rang , before picking it up i started presuming it must be my friend asking me to get ready. Quite excitedly i picked it up and listened what he was speaking. Suddenly the most un-expected words started to fall into my ears. This fellow told me about his unavailability as he was asked to stay back over-night in the plant for resolving some kind of abnormalities.

I smiled and calmly disconnected the call.....

Its true, that things usually dont shape up as you wish them to be. Same happened with me this sunday and has been happening ever since.... :)


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