Friday, March 12, 2010

15% more bat speed 20% more power Hit faster, straighter, further!!!

There is a new cricket bat doing the rounds that is supposed to revolutionise the game.  It is called the Mongoose.
The basic concept is that in Twenty20, where the need for agression is paramount, you do not need the shoulders/splice area of the bat, which are entirely defensive.
So the blade has been shortened and the handle lengthened, and the meat of the bat is constructed to ensure maximum hitting power.  Apparantly, Stuart Law is impressed.
The problem with the whole “revolutionise the game” thing is that cricket tends to adapt to new methods and tactics.  So the bowling will adapt.  I wouldn’t fancy playing the fastest bowlers with half a blade.  I suspect the fast bowlers would fancy their chances against batsmen who use it.  We shall see.
There is also the possibility of the games lawmakers treating it with the same disdain as the aluminium bat.
So this is how things are shaping up in cricket, cutting short every thing. Whether it be game lenght, bowler's delight (power plays) or even the cricket bat. After reading this article in Good Cricket Wicket  its certain that this game is open for innovations and improvements. 2 days from now Matt. Hayden would be displaying the credibility of this particular innovation as the CSK takes on DC on the 14th night at MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk, Chennai. The obvious question at this point would be, how much more so-called innovations or the alleged manipulations can this game be able to sustain? Or are we bending the stick just too much! 


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