Wednesday, July 1, 2009

stranded by choice....??

Life has been more of a formality in the past few months......gear shifting occasions have been rare....or might be, I wasnt able to change them at all! Probably that might be the reason....why I am writing after almost 8-9 months. My desires still remain a mystery for me.....consistent chase of some dreams has landed me in situations that would be unacceptable to other mortals. Target(s) and situation(s) still remain the same only the aiming position has changed, might sound little weird......but thats how I feel!
Some times few obligations are so important that you cant even think of anything else.....and whenever I go to sleep I find myself shackled by such obligations. Some would take this theory as being selfish, honestly even I feel so......but then what about my dreams. But one thing is for sure.....all these has been my choice.....cant remember any forced turns.
I still remeber the "three musketeers".......not from the alexandre dumas epic nor from the frequent mentions in the film slummdog millionaire.....but from my own life, namely varun, aman and me!! All three of us are starnded in one or the other way, either by our own choice or by someone else's. Lets see how things shape up in the future.....