Wednesday, August 20, 2008

we got richer....

Hey congratulations people our grappler and boxer did it for us today. my whole hearted wishes to them, they really felt us proud. Both the matches were awesome specially vijender's who clearly punched with purpose also our next 'gamma pehelwaan'(sushil kumar) just showed how old and deep rooted the art is in bhaaratvarsh.

Well guys no need to take this seriously as i hardly know about any of these arts. The only thing that i was able to analyse in sushil's tussle was the
striking facial and vocal similarity between sushil and ashu(one of my good friend)!!. And as far as the other match goes, i was constantly thinking what if 'sunny paaji' was there in place of vijender remember the movie 'apne'.

Anyways today's bottom line is we got richer by 2 medals out of which the research work is still on to determine the properties of 2nd one.

Wow we got richer, but so did they!!!


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