Thursday, August 21, 2008

maa please take me home..........

Well i have to take you back to the days of our junior school. Those were purely amazing times that most of us must have enjoyed and remembered till today. Remember, the daily rituals of morning assembly, prayers, pledge, attendance, home work, punishment, recess, tiffins, fights and what not!

The every season passed has been etched in my memory, i still remember the lazy summer afternoons, the crazy monsoons, the restless winters(exam time). Its a different story that today I turn to my organizer for remembering the date. It seems so much has been let behind, so much has been left undone. I don't think the pace has changed but certainly the backdrop has. Life presents a different story today though the moral remains the same.

Often the journey doesn't look easy, the road gets murky and most of the time the destination gets changed before anything could be comprehended.

All this makes me feel like i have lost some where.

There is a shear desperation to go back and re-live the moments. I wish i could re-live the seasons again i wish i could born again.

Maa please take me home...


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