Tuesday, August 19, 2008

IndiGold !!!!

Okay let me start with a question, what do you like more cricket or olympics? I feel that the answer would be obvious....'olympics' isn't it! Well guys no need to feel bad for our constitutional national game (hockey) and our unconstitutional national game (cricket). The fact of the matter is we aren't doing good in those two but on the contrary we have ultimately delivered goods in the olympics (or so to say in one olympic sport, I dont know)!!

So we just need to be proud of "our bindra" and must believe in our selfs that even guys from a billion strong huddle can get the golden glory!! Jai Hind!! mera bharat mahaan!!! Jai Hind Jai Hind!!! Oopss..seems like I reached sonia gandhi's residence while I was following abhinav to get his autograph!

Anyways apart from this sharp shooter our boxers also fought gallantly, pretty much similar to the way as our leaders battle it out in parliament. Seriously speaking I thought akhil was awesome in earlier bouts untill he messed it all in the quarters against his maldivian ohh sorry
maldovian opponent in today's match. Probably 'josh without hosh' brought curtains for him. But never mind it was definitely a brave show by the haryana jatt.

I hope these performances would motivate people like you & me (no not me actually), and might give a face lift to our olympic medal tally, not necessarily at london'12 but at least when the extravaganza is hosted in India!!!


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