Monday, August 18, 2008

the exotic prison ??

More than 4 weeks have passed and Kashmir is still reeling under torrid times. I don't know why but I have an impression that nothing has been done on center's part to control the condition from getting more aggravated. If things aren't given a serious look this time it could be the end of it all.

The extremist/separatist voices have gone far beyond the normal decibels and even the main line political groups have started helping them in their cause. The unrest is evident and real this time. India hardly has any options, probably because they them selves are responsible for the situation and this would be the last thing I'd wish to digest. Having said that, I believe that neither India nor any particular community could hold people for ransom. What has happened in the valley is very much near to this perception, sadly but this is true.

Its a sorrow state that even after 61 years of independence citizens of this country are still fighting for freedom. I don't understand why the government has always to come up with politically correct statements, why just they cant look the human face of the condition. The so called 'Azadi movement' of the valley is definitely big/real this time. We cannot leave the situation for its own healing rather we have to take honest steps for bringing back peace to the valley. At this point of time its least important that whether Kashmir remains with India or goes with the neighbor on the other side of fence or goes all alone as most of them want, what matters is the interest and lives of the locals must be protected.

One more fact that has been re-established is that the two trouble some communities of India cannot live cordially forever. We sustain our selves on an extremely delicate balance which can be disturbed even by the slightest of the friction between us. And at times these things provide opportunity to others for pointing fingers at us. The bottom line is we need to evolve as a society. We need to learn how to keep the political interests aside and move ahead in the interest of the people.

I hope peace returns to the valley.


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